The Founding Membership

Discover the Founding Membership at Chainwise CPA: Your gateway to mastering crypto taxes.

Designed for discerning tax professionals, this exclusive membership offers the tools and connections to navigate the complexities of cryptocurrency tax laws with confidence and precision. Join a community where expertise meets innovation, and lead the way in the evolving world of crypto taxation.

Why Join The Founding Membership? 

Interactive Workshops

Participate in our interactive workshops, including collaborations with strategic partners to engage with content actively and hands-on. Join monthly live Q&A sessions with our expert instructors for personalized advice and insights.

Exclusive Discounts on Partner Services

Gain access to exclusive discounts and offers on essential crypto taxation tools and software, thanks to our partnerships with top industry providers. Leverage these benefits to enhance your practice and stay competitive in the fast-evolving world of crypto tax. 

Networking Spaces

Connect with fellow founding members in a private community forum, where you can share experiences, exchange insights, and build professional relationships.

Advanced Resources Library

Explore a curated library of key resources for tax professionals, including white papers, articles, expert interviews, and regulatory guides. Stay ahead in crypto taxation with concise, essential information on the latest industry trends and practices.

Exclusive Content

The Founding Membership at Chainwise CPA provides access to exclusive content tailored for tax professionals focused on crypto taxation. The membership includes modules that cover the latest developments and complex scenarios in crypto tax.

You'll also find in-depth case studies that reveal the nuances and challenges faced in real-world applications, alongside interviews with industry experts who share their insights and experiences.
  • Latest Crypto Tax Developments
  • In-Depth Case Studies
  • Interviews With Industry Experts

Become a Crypto Tax Expert

At Chainwise CPA, we believe in empowering tax professionals through education, collaboration, and innovation. Our membership is designed to be a catalyst for your growth, helping you to not only meet but exceed your professional aspirations.

Crypto is here to stay... 

In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, the demand for knowledgeable tax professionals far exceeds the supply. The Chainwise CPA Founding Membership offers a unique opportunity to fill this gap and establish yourself as an industry expert in crypto taxation

Stay up-to-date

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Who should join the Founding Membership?

This program is ideal for tax professionals, accountants, and financial advisors who are looking to deepen their understanding of crypto taxation and position themselves as industry experts. It's suited for those who desire to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving crypto tax landscape.

How often are new content and resources added to the Founding Membership?

New content, including up-to-date case studies, expert interviews, and advanced modules, is added regularly to reflect the latest trends and changes in crypto taxation. Members receive early access to these updates, ensuring they are always equipped with current knowledge.

How long does the membership last? 

The Founding Membership is an annual subscription, lasting one year from the date of enrollment. It provides a full year of access to exclusive content, resources, and membership benefits, with the option to renew each year to continue enjoying the program's offerings and stay current in the evolving field of crypto taxation.

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