Helpful Resources

Official IRS Guidance

The IRS has published a series of crypto tax guidance. You can find them on the IRS website here

IRS Proposed Regulations on Broker Reporting

The U.S. Treasury Department and the IRS issued proposed regulations on 8/25/2023 regarding broker information reporting requirement for digital assets, which led to over 114K comment letters from different stakeholders. You can see the proposed regs here.

AICPA & CIMA Crypto Tax Resources

The AICPA/CIMA has provided some guidance and sources regarding taxation of digital assets. Please visit their website for more details. 

Big Four Accounting Firm Crypto Tax Resources

The Big Four accounting firms published their guidance/resources regarding crypto taxation. See the links below for example:

Crypto Tax Guides

Several crypto tax software providers published their own crypto tax guide. See examples below (names listed in alphabetical order):

Disclaimer: Chainwise Crypto Tax Academy is not affiliated with any of the crypto tax software providers, and we do not take responsibility for anything mentioned in their crypto tax guides. Please consult your own crypto tax advisor before following any advice you read on the internet.